A quick look at the detailed features of Apple iPadOS 18: Introducing a new native calculator and floating bar

Gamingdeputy June 11 news, Apple brought at the WWDC24 Developer Conference this morning iPadThe OS 18 operating system provides a calculator application for the iPad for the first time and adds a smart handwriting function.

Gamingdeputy summarizes the system function upgrades of iPadOS 18 as follows:



  • Support typing or handwriting mathematical expressions to display the solution.

  • Supports calculation of complex formulas

  • Supports assigning values ​​to variables in scenarios such as budgeting.

  • Supports drawing function, you can handwrite or type equations and insert charts.

  • You can add multiple equations to the same diagram to see the relationship between them.

  • Support for Math Notes in the new Math Notes folder in the Notes app.

  • Support for viewing the full expression before completing it.

  • Supports history recording, allowing you to review previous calculations.

  • Supports unit conversion, and can quickly convert units such as length, weight, currency, etc.



Smart Script

  • Supports machine learning to improve the appearance of your writing and reproduce your own handwriting style.

  • Supports spell checking and converting the input text into the user's own style.

  • Supports real-time adjustment of handwritten text to make the handwriting smoother and neater, ensuring that the clarity of the handwriting is not affected by the user's fast writing.

  • Supports using Apple Pencil to add spaces and cross out sentences.

  • You can paste typed text in handwriting, and the paragraphs will automatically adjust according to the new content.



  • Optimize the text typing experience, support folding paragraphs under titles or subtitles, and manage note content.

  • Supports selection of 5 new highlight colors to highlight the information that needs to be emphasized.



  • Customize your home screen

  • Supports customization of home screen, App icons and control center.

  • Supports placing App icons/widgets in any blank space on the home screen.

  • Supports customized display modes, including: light, dark, and color effects.

  • Supports enlarging App icons and widgets, and removing their names.


Customize Control Center

  • New commonly used control groups have been added, such as media playback, home control and connection functions.

  • The new Controls API supports quick unlocking of the vehicle and quick capture of content for social media.

  • Supports custom size and position of control center widgets.

  • Supports switching between groups.

  • Supports adding control options in compatible third-party apps to the control center.


Tab Bar

  • Supports integration into the sidebar.

  • Supports adjusting the order of tabs or adding tabs in the sidebar.

  • Optimize the tab bar and support floating above the App content.



  • Added carousel view to support daily updates of user favorites such as people, pets, and places.

  • Support pinning photo collections.

  • Supports playback of the entire photo app content, making the gallery more vivid and allowing users to browse photos while appreciating past memories.

  • Optimize view display and support browsing photos by theme.



  • Added the function of sending messages at a scheduled time.

  • Add bold, underline, italic and other text formats and animated text effects

  • Optimize the reply function and support responding to messages with any emoji or sticker.



  • Supports machine learning to present key information on web pages. You can browse article summaries and view the locations of restaurants, hotels, or landmarks.

  • Listen to artists' work directly while reading articles about songs or albums.

  • Optimize the reader view to support reading articles and summaries through presentation.




  • Support lock and hide App function.

  • Supports moving apps to locked and hidden folders.

  • When an app is locked or hidden, the content within the app, such as messages or emails, will also be hidden and will not appear in searches, notifications, or anywhere else in the system.

  • Supports managing how apps access their information, and can approve them to access specific contacts instead of the entire contact list.

  • Enables seamless pairing of Bluetooth accessories without the need for other accessories nearby.

Apple Intelligence

  • New Writing Tools have been added, which support system-wide calls to help users rewrite, proofread and summarize texts. They can be applied to emails, memos, Pages documents and third-party apps.

  • A new Image Playground is added to support the creation of interesting images, providing three style options: animation, illustration, and hand-drawn.




  • Added a new memory function, which supports entering a descriptive text to create a story.

  • New Clean Up , which identifies and removes insignificant objects in the background of a photo without changing the subject.


  • Supports natural responses.

  • Supports text communication, and can switch between text and voice.

  • New Private Cloud Compute, data will not be stored on the server and cannot be accessed by Apple, and can only be used to complete tasks requested by the user.

  • The newly integrated ChatGPT function supports users to directly use the functions of ChatGPT, including the ability to understand images and documents.


  • Supports saving credentials such as passwords, verification codes, and security reminders in one place.

Simulcast Sharing

  • Supports instructing the other party to perform related operations by clicking and drawing on the screen.

  • Supports remote control of devices.

Boundless Record

  • Supports scene creation.

  • Supports themes to manage different sections of a board, or to move content around on a board.

Game Mode

  • New Game Porting Toolkit 2 tool, developers can migrate more games to iPad,iPhone and Mac.

  • Support personalized spatial audio


  • Supports displaying schedules and tasks in the Reminders App.

  • Supports creating, editing and completing reminders directly in the Calendar App.


  • Added the ability to create, view, and edit reminders directly in the Calendar App.

  • Added access to recently deleted lists.

  • Added the ability to view subtasks in a smart list for quick reference, etc.

Floating Tab Bar

  • Supports navigation between applications and can be adjusted to remember the user's favorite software.

Screen Sharing

  • Support drawing diagrams on other people's iPads and sharing their screens.


  • Added eye tracking, allowing you to control the iPad using your eyes.

  • Added voice shortcut function, supporting customized voice to perform tasks.

  • A new vehicle motion prompt function has been added, which supports displaying animated dots on the edge of the screen to help passengers reduce motion sickness.



iPadOS 18 Supported Models Unlike iOS 18, iPadOS 18 will stop supporting some older iPads. The latest version of iPadOS 18 is not compatible with the following three iPads: 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro And the sixth-generation iPad.

iPadOS 18 will be compatible with the following iPad models:

  • iPad mini 5 and mini 6iPad Air (Third generation and later models)

  • iPad (7th generation and later) iPad Pro (3rd generation and later with A12X Bionic chip)

  • All “Apple smart” features in iPadOS 18 are only available on iPad models equipped with M1 or newer chips.

Gamingdeputy Note: iPadOS 18 is currently in the development beta version and there are many bugs. It is recommended that friends do not try it with the main machine. At the very least, it will waste installation time, and at worst, it will lose related data.

Apple WWDC24 Developer Conference Keynote Speech

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