A new mobile operator has launched a free tariff plan with mobile Internet and minutes of calls

Telecommunication services are becoming more and more useful and in demand every day, allowing an increasing number of people to stay in touch always and everywhere. And now, to the delight of many people, the new mobile operator decided to please everyone with completely free service conditions. Yes, of course, free plans are offered to each and every member of the Big Four, but these do not contain any advantages, and the new tariff plan does, being able to boast of bundles of gigabytes of mobile Internet, SMS text messages and of course minutes of calls to any Russian numbers. And for all this pleasure you will not have to pay a single penny.

From now on, all residents of Russia living in the country can connect to a phone number a free tariff plan that works without roaming in more than 60 regions of the Russian Federation. Thus, simply put, by connecting this tariff, you can change your life for the better, achieving this without any difficulties and difficulties. Not so long ago, everyone and everyone could only dream of such a thing, but not now, since recently things have been different than they have ever been before this very moment. According to the terms of service at the tariff, within its framework, the subscriber receives 30 minutes of calls to any Russian numbers, including landlines, as well as as many as 50 SMS messages, which can be sent throughout the country.

Any person who wants to do this at all will be able to use the new tariff in any models of not just smartphones and tablets, but in general absolutely any electronic devices. Thus, to put it simply, the launched tariff plan contains really many different advantages, which are extremely positively reflected in this whole offer as a whole. The launched tariff offers customers many benefits that positively affect the experience of using this offer as a whole. The tariff plan is called “Free”, containing also 1 GB of mobile Internet at speeds up to 300 Mbps, that is, the highest possible in 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Absolutely everyone who subscribes to such a tariff plan will definitely be more than satisfied with it, as it offers everyone and everyone a lot of different benefits. The Danycom telecom operator offers to connect the new tariff and start using it to everyone, and it allows him to change his life for the better, forgetting once and for all about the need to pay money for telecommunication services. Instead of paying money monthly, the company’s client must simply agree to receive up to five promotional SMS messages per day. However, since it is not at all necessary to view these same messages, this feature cannot be considered a disadvantage.

Not so long ago, it was reported that the federal operator MegaFon launched an eternally free tariff plan with Internet and calls.

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