A new generation of notebook memory standards is approaching, ADATA shows a new CAMM memory module – IT Home

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According to news from IT House on May 26, ADATA has announced that it will display a new generation of notebook memory standard – CAMM memory module at the Taipei Computer Show 2023 starting at the end of this month.

As shown in the figure above, on the left is the CXL (Compute Express Link) memory module for servers, which can expand the memory capacity up to 16TB, and increase the hardware limitations and optimize costs of AI and HPC.

The upper right is the CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module) memory, which is 57% thinner than the traditional notebook memory module SO-DIMM, which can effectively reduce power consumption and improve heat dissipation, and is suitable for notebooks and small industrial computers.

The lower right is DDR5 8400 MR-DIMM memory, using dual-rank memory modules with the latest generation of data buffer (Data Buffer), which will double the data transmission capacity and accelerate the overall operating efficiency of the memory module.

According to an earlier report by IT House, JEDEC committee member and Dell senior engineer Tom Schnell said earlier this year that JEDEC is developing a new notebook memory specification to replace the 25-year-old SO-DIMM memory standard. Dell originally created the CAMM memory design, first used in the Precision 7770 mobile workstation. JEDEC’s CAMM standard will be based on the Dell CAMM design and the final specification may vary.

Earlier news said that the first JEDEC CAMM memory module should be launched when SO-DIMM memory reaches 6400 MT/s, and thus replace SO-DIMM.

Picture source Dell