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“A Milichian’s Life” In

Everything you need to know

PrerequisitesRecommended level: 20
Quests: ” Class Council “
Awards41,277 XP
936 Kamas
Beach Towel x1
Tanning cream x1
Marine Conch x1
Competition Fin x1
LocationAstrub [4,-15]
PredictableCombat (alone) x1
Nettle x15
Devilish Dandelion Flower x1
Being an Ouginak

Solution to the quest “A Milichian’s Life” In

The Ouginaks must go to Sidèle Lafie,
[4,-15] to start their class quest. More precisely, you have to enter the niche to find the person in charge of the class. This tells you that she succeeded in getting the Ouginaks accepted into the city of mercenaries on the condition that they make no mistakes. So she asks you to go make sure everything is okay.


Start by going to [0,-18] to find a disoriented Ouginal who is struggling to direct travelers. Help him by choosing the dialogues “Answer “east””Then “Answer “south of the tavern”” and finally “Answer “in the Council Tower””.

Then go to [8,-18] to speak with a fearful Ouginak being manhandled by Ecaflips. Contact the Thug Ecaflip who will attack you. The fight takes place alone against 3 Ecaflips. Once finished, speak with the fearful Ouginak again to congratulate him.

Finally, go to [4,-21] to learn that the Mercenary of Astrub sent the recruit Ouginak for a walk in the fields. Go looking for him to find the allergic Ouginak in front of the field dungeon in [7,-24]. Unfortunately, she caught hay fever. Enter the workshop to ask Emia Elliesol if she knows a cure for this ailment. She asks you for 10 Nettles and 1 Devilish Dandelion Flower. Bring these resources back to him to get the cure and give it to the allergic Ouginak outside.

All you have to do is return to Sidèle Lafie to end the quest “A Milichian’s Life”
on Dofus. Heading to the sewers now to
“It smells like gas”.