a huge revelation that makes Henry Cavill forget

The famous site Deadline reveals a big secret from Superman Legacy. An early announcement that will almost make you forget the absence of Henry Cavill in the casting.

How has Superman been doing since his last appearance in our cinemas? In terms of feature films dedicated entirely to him, it’s not joy. He hasn’t appeared since 2013 when Man of Steel was released and his appearances in Justice League or Black Adam have been divisive given the overall quality of both films. Fortunately, James Gunn wants to bring him back to the forefront in a new story, and he intends to do him honor. Construction is accelerating, and a new member of the cast has just been revealed. And it’s a hell of a name.


Superman Legacy gets a well-known actor

We feel that the development of Superman Legacy has received a boost recently. For good reason, the screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood ended last September, and that of actors at the beginning of November. The project is therefore no longer hampered by anything, which allows us to gather plenty of information about it. Recently, we learned that María Gabriela de Faría (The Exorcism of God, Deadly Class) was going to play the Engineer. As a reminder, he is a member of Authority, a team of vigilantes who intervene in particular in a context of mass destruction. Today, we know the name of the man who will don the mantle of Lex Luthor, Superman’s famous nemesis.

This time it’s serious, and before the announcement, fans were hoping that James Gunn would make the right choice of actor. They should normally be reassured, since it is Nicholas Hoult who will lend his features to the antagonist. If you don’t know him, know that he’s an actor with a pretty impressive career. We could see him in Mad Max Fury Road, The Menu or Those Who Want Me Dead. If he has not yet made his mark on DC Comics, in the Marvel universe, he is known for having played The Beast aka Hank McCoy in the X-Men films or Deadpool 2. A young actor but who has everything a great one who has already proven his talent.

He will therefore take on the role of a very important character for Superman Legacy and fans are delighted. “ This is a great casting choice. “, ” He was a great Fauve, he will be just as good as Lex Luthor! “, ” But what a great idea! », We can read on social networks. This is a much warmer welcome than the one that was received for Jesse Eisenberg at the time of Batman vs. Superman.

Credits: Deadline

A casting that lacks a certain Cavill?

The film will be released on July 11, 2025, as the director confirmed again. We’ve come a long way, since at the start, James Gunn didn’t even want to be in charge of the project: “It’s been a long road to get here. I was offered Superman years ago, but initially turned it down because I didn’t know how to give Superman the dignity he deserved in a way that was unique, fun, and emotional. “. With him at the helm, we can feel reassured, even if he had to make a radical choice.


Indeed, you may be aware that it is not Henry Cavill who will wear the colors of Superman in this new feature film. He was replaced by actor David Corenswet, and it caused very mixed reactions. Especially since this choice was not made in a desire to show a younger version of the superhero. So why ? We don’t really know, but sometimes we have to make room for new blood. It’s a lesson Batman learned the hard way. We can’t wait to see what it will bring. And for the little anecdote, Nicholas Hoult was visibly in the running to play the superhero in the red cape. So, all is never lost and even if fans won’t get over Cavill’s sidelining, Hoult is a great addition to the cast.