A huge DLC-sized mod came out for Skyrim. New creatures, locations, weapons, spells and more

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The modder Mihail has released a huge mod (High Fantasy Pack – Mihail Monsters and Animals) for which adds 1.7 GB of new content to the game.

Here’s what exactly the mod adds:

  • 132 new creatures (different types of minotaurs, spirits, slugs, griffins, goblin, centaurs, goblins, ogres, titans, harpies, giants, werewolves and more). Judging by the appearance, some of the creatures migrated to the mod from other games and films;
  • 22 types of weapons (axes, hammers, staves, halberds, spears, swords and clubs), which mainly relate to new creatures;
  • 35 new locations (camps of goblins, minotaurs, harpies and other creatures that have been added);
  • 11 new spells;
  • 41 new ingredients (refer to added creatures);
  • Accidental encounters with insane magicians.


In the future, the modder plans to release an expanded version of the mod, which will include even more creatures, in particular those related to dark fantasy.

Download the modification of the High Fantasy Pack – Mihail Monsters and Animals for Skyrim here. Later, the author will also make a version of the mod for.


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