A favorable loan offer? Better be careful

A favorable loan offer? Better be careful

Cybercriminals have developed another way to hijack our data and money. They pretend to be companies offering very advantageous loans, the amounts of which can even reach several hundred thousand zlotys. However, before they grant it, they ask for an insurance fee.

The fraud was noticed by experts from the Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish financial sector (CSIRT KNF). They warn against extremely favorable low-cost loan offers. As they explain: “with minimal formal requirements, the borrower may receive up to several hundred thousand zlotys. Before paying the loan, he only needs to pay an insurance fee, after which the fraudsters disappear”.

Fraudsters tempt you with extremely profitable “loans”

Usually, this type of offer can be found on social media, e.g. on Facebook. Fraudsters place ads on various groups and encourage potential victims to take advantage of their offer. Most likely, the accounts used by criminals had previously been seized. There are many ways to do this. One of them is encouraging you to download a counterfeit application or click on the attachment, which is actually a malicious LokiBot virus.


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