A cult director really wants to make Avengers 6

Bruce Campbell in Avengers 6? Read the article and you'll understand. Image source: DisneyMarvel Studios

Bruce Campbell in Avengers 6? Read the article and you'll understand. Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios


Well, why are we putting Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) on an article lead for Avengers 6? Quite simply: If the director in question actually makes Secret Wars, Campbell would definitely have a small role in it.

Because it's about Sam Raimi. The cult director has already directed numerous Marvel films – from the first Spider-Man trilogy to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – and is therefore a real expert when it comes to superheroes. Oh, and he always has an appearance up his sleeve for his good friend Bruce Campbell in all of his films.

Is Sam Saimi actually filming Avengers 6? Well, not at the moment. But that might soon change, because in a new interview, Sam Raimi is sending clear signals towards Marvel.

I would love it …

At the WonderCon trade fair that took place at the end of March 2024, Sam Raimi gave the website Screengeek an interview. In it he is asked whether he could imagine filming the grand finale of the MCU's Multiverse saga:


I love 90 percent of the Marvel heroes I've read about in the great Stan Lee comics of the Marvel Universe. I would love to work with Marvel again.

You didn't seriously ask me about it. I hope you had a good experience with me. But [Marvel hat] haven't asked me yet. I hope they do.

Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige would probably just have to pick up the phone to get Sam Raimi to direct Avengers 6. The usually well-informed insider claimed this as early as fall 2023 MyTimeToShineHellothat the Evil Dead creator should be the first choice internally at Marvel.

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However, no serious discussions have apparently been held yet and both upcoming Avengers films are still without a director – but they now have a screenwriter with a lot of Marvel expertise.

In any case, money would definitely speak for Sam Raimi. His last collaboration with Marvel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, only received mixed reviews, but it did generate huge returns at the global box office a whopping $955 million.

And what about Spider-Man 4?

Of course, Screengeek couldn't resist asking in the interview about Raimi's interest in returning to his first Marvel role, i.e. a new Spider-Man film with Tobey Maguire in the lead role.

Sam Raimi is also said to be very fond of this idea. In a previous interview with Comicbook.com Spider-Man 3 actor Thomas Haden Church (Sandman) claims that Sony is working with Raimi on a fourth part with Tobey Maguire. But here too there is still no official confirmation, so it remains just a rumor.

In the near future, Sam Raimi will dedicate himself to his second hobby horse besides superheroes: horror films. He will also direct the film for Sony Send help take over. It's about two survivors of a plane crash who end up stranded on a dangerous island.

Described will Send Help as comedy-adventure-horrorwhich would fit Sam Raimi's signature style pretty well.

As long as no director has been found for Avengers 5 and 6, the project will likely continue to make slow progress. To this day, for example, there is still a lack of clarity about how important Kang the Conqueror, who was built up as a big villain, should now be for the films. You can find out more about this in the article linked above.

Or you can just watch X-Men '97 on Disney Plus and wait. After all, the series is supposed to be really good and is already breaking critics' records.