A Brief Overview of the Apple iOS 18 Update: Hidden App Names and Adjustable Flashlight Width

Gamingdeputy reported on June 11 that Apple brought the iOS 18 operating system to the WWDC24 developer conference in the early hours of this morning, adding many new detailed functions, supporting custom size of app icons, adjustable light width of the flashlight, etc.

Gamingdeputy summarizes the iOS18 system function upgrades as follows:



  • Apple's “Apple ID” has been replaced by the new name “Apple Account”/”Apple Account”.

set up

  • Added battery option to the first level menu.

  • Added a new setting function title and brief description.

  • Optimize menu options and reduce the number of first-level menu functions displayed.

  • Optimize general and search.


  • Added three charging limit options: 85%/90%/95%.iPhone 15 Pro Users of the series of mobile phones can now set a total of five charging limits.


  • The newly added “App Lock” can lock and hide apps.

  • Supports users to join any hotspot, and a new option can randomly change the Wi-Fi address.



  • Support App icon size adjustment.

  • Supports hiding the App name.

  • Supports custom placement of desktop icons.

  • Supports customizing desktop icon colors.


  • Supports Smart Island display.

  • Support adjustment of flashlight width and brightness.

Lock screen

  • Supports customization of the function buttons at the bottom of the lock screen and replaceable shortcut buttons.


  • Support More emoji feedback.

  • Supports sending messages at scheduled time.

  • Support more font formats and special effects.

  • Support satellite information transmission (iPhone 14 or later models).


  • Supports email classification and merging and reading emails of the same type continuously.


  • Added tap to cash feature (face-to-face transfer, similar to AirDrop touch).


  • Supports using machine learning to generate summaries and extract other useful information from the current web page.


  • Added desktop widgets that can be used on the home screen and lock screen.

  • Supports search and sorting functions to find content from past notes.

  • Support for “insights” view, which gives users a comprehensive overview of activities such as diary entries.

  • Support automatic recording.

  • Support users to save items offline or share them in printed form.


  • Added Passwords independent password management app (first launched on macOS platform, and later launched on iOS / iPadOS 18 systems and Windows platforms).


  • With support for Customized Access Permissions, users can manage when and how visitors can use HomeKit-equipped smart home devices.

  • Supports UWB smart door lock “Quick Mode”, which allows the door to be automatically unlocked when the user approaches the home without manual operation of the device.


  • A new game mode has been added. When turned on, the device will minimize background activities to maximize the game frame rate.


  • Support T9 dialing function.

  • Support call recording. Click 'Record' in the Notes or Phone app to capture the recording and text record (this feature is one of the “Apple Smart” features. When call recording is turned on, all participants will receive a notification.This feature will beBeta version available this fall).

control center

  • Supports function customization and repeatable shortcut functions.

  • Support adding more control options.


  • Added the function of filtering and arranging photos as needed at the bottom of the album.

  • A new Recent Days feature has been added to sort photos by day while filtering out cluttered photos such as receipts.

  • A new Clean Up feature is available to remove unwanted content from photos, such as people in the background or objects in the foreground.

  • Optimize the photo layout, integrate functions into one page, and adopt a unified view.

  • Optimized the photo editing interface, and the images are displayed with slightly rounded corners by default.

  • Improved search functionality to support finding specific individuals in the database.

  • Supports free customization, allowing a personalized photo experience. Users can reorder collections to prioritize the most important subjects.


  • The human-computer interaction page has been optimized, with soft lighting effects appearing around the device borders, and responses to user commands appearing in the form of content-rich cards.

  • Optimize Siri's conversation capabilities and support ChatGPT 4o-type emotional conversation capabilities, so that it can sense the emotions of the interlocutor, making the interactive experience more natural and humane.

  • Supports understanding of conversation context and avoids users from repeating information in subsequent instructions.

  • It supports screen perception function, which can understand the content that the user is browsing and provide operation suggestions for related apps.


  • New eye tracking, users can control it just by using their eyes iPhone.

  • A new vehicle motion prompt has been added. This feature will display animated dots on the edge of the screen to reduce sensory conflict and help passengers reduce motion sickness.


  • Remove old widgets.

  • Supports widget size adjustment.

iOS 18 supported devices

  • iPhone XS

  • iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • iPhone 11

  • iPhone SE (2020)

  • iPhone 12 Pro

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • iPhone 12

  • iPhone 12 mini

  • iPhone 13 Pro

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • iPhone 13

  • iPhone 13 mini

  • iPhone SE (2022)

  • iPhone 14

  • iPhone 14 Plus

  • iPhone 14 Pro

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • iPhone 15

  • iPhone 15 Plus

  • iPhone 15 Pro

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

Gamingdeputy Note: iOS 18 is currently in the development beta version and there are many bugs. It is recommended that friends do not try it with their main phone. At best, it will waste installation time, and at worst, it will lose related data.

Apple WWDC24 Developer Conference Keynote Speech

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