a 100% digital Xbox Series X and an Xbox controller with haptic feedback leak

An Xbox Series X Slim, in a way

The final legal battle between the FTC And Microsoft in the frame of the acquisition of Activision-Blizzardwhich could finally have an outcome this fall, has caused new collateral damage. Internal documents that appear to have been poorly – if at all – redacted are publicly available, and there are some nice bits, between long-term plans for the green stablethe ambitions for the next generation of consolesprojects currently in development at Bethesda and the first details of a new version of the Xbox Series100% worm-oriented the dematerialized.

Unofficially planned for end of 2024this new Xbox Series stands out from the original model by its shape: we swap a rectangular parallelepiped for a cylinder. In addition to this absolutely risk-taking amazing in the design that keeps its monolithic appearanceyou will notice that the console no longer offers a Blu-ray player.

It was already the concept of the Xbox Series Sa console that shed its optical drive to concentrate on dematerialized applications (and so Game Pass), but his first argument was above all its very low price, thanks to other technical concessions. To the great dismay of developers who often have to rack their brains to get their game running on more modest hardware.

Never mind, this news Xbox Seriescodenamed “Brooklin” (with an “i”), should also surf on the concept of everything dematerialized, but without sacrificing computing power however. If this new design already makes those who swear by it cringe the physical marketthis “slim” Xbox Series X brings other improvements compared to the launch model: 2 TB of storage by default, latest generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modulesa front USB-C port, as well than an APU engraved in 6nmallowing energy saving of the order of 15%. Oh, and the packaging will be made from recycled material.

Unlike other documents which date before or during the pandemicpossibly obsolete, the one which details this new Xbox Series runs internally since April 2022with a projected price of 500 dollars, the same as the original model at the time. The problem is that the Xbox Series since then, like the PlayStation 5and it is impossible to know whether Microsoft intends to market this mid-gen model – that’s what we’re talking about – at the same price, or take advantage of this model without a reader to make the checkout process a little smoother…and therefore make the pill of the absence of a reader go away.

At the same time, the document reveals that the Xbox Series S should also be entitled to its own review. Code name “Ellewood”the changes will be less visible, but very present: exterior design is identical to the model released at the end of 2020, the front USB port meets the latest standards, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules benefit from the same update as the Series sleep mode.

Oh, and storage capacity internal goes to 1 Terrabytewhich is more than appreciable for a console which is intended to exploit the Game Pass catalog at lower cost.

If the Xbox Series X “Brooklin” is provided internally for the end of 2024, the Xbox Series S “Ellewood” could be marketed in during the year.

Another code name hardware surfaced with the documents revealed by the FTC: Bowl. hides behind the next controller from the green stable, delivered with the two new consoles revealed via these same documents, bringing new technologies for Xbox controllers.

Phil Spencer has never hidden his admiration for the functionalities of the PlayStation DualSenseAnd Bowl seems to be a project intended to make up for this delay. The next Xbox controller should take advantage haptic feedback with technology equivalent to the competition also serving as of speakers, of an accelerometerbuttons to the more discreet soundand the possibility of wake up the controller by simply taking it in hand. A priori, the concept of adaptive triggers will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

And the innovation that will do the greatest good for the Xbox controller family is the presence of a… batteryAnd removable ! We suppose that the latest European standards have passed this way, but Bowl would also be designed with good repairability in the lead, while having concentrated its efforts on the durability of analog sticks.

At the same time, plastic will be partly made from recycled materialswith a more measured use of resin, but the document ensures that the feeling in hand would be extremely close to the controller that accompanies the current Xbox Series S and. And of course there are plans to order your own custom model via Xbox Design Lab.

Other more discreet innovations should also make a small difference, such as a new proprietary standard to manage wireless connection between Xbox platforms. It would be a question increased responsivenessbut above all greater ease for change platforms on the flywith the ambition of making it the standard controller for Direct-to-Cloud functionalityallowing you to play directly on any device that is capable of connecting to Xbox Cloudas smartphones (a new application would be in preparation) and some Connected TVs.

Still according to the document, the “Sebile” controller should be marketed around of May 2024with an official announcement expected to precede the release earlier in the year. This will be the first opportunity to see if Microsoft’s plans have not changed in the meantime.