94 percent agreement and first patch

from Rhonda Bachman
Return to Monkey Island has been available since September 19, 2022 and can immediately record a very pleasing success: On Steam, the point-and-click adventure currently has 94 percent approval among players. A first patch should now take care of some problems with the title.

After Return to Monkey Island first was officially announced in April 2022, the game has been available since September 19th. And it still appears with the players on Steam arrive quite well. Return to Monkey Island currently has over 1,500 reviews with a rating of “very positive” (as of September 22, 12:30 p.m.). Around 94 percent of the reviews currently submitted for the game have been positive.

Successful despite wrangling over the graphic style on Steam

The fact that Return to Monkey Island was so well received could have been with the past Controversy over the new graphic style probably nobody believed. After seeing the characters in the second trailer for the game, some fans were surprised by the new graphic style. Instead of comic graphics, the characters in Return to Monkey Island have a “fairy tale book” look.

Steam hits as a PCGH subscription bonus: Secure Return to Monkey Island or Hogwarts Legacy now

While some players praised the new style orientation, the developers also received some criticism from others. It went so far that series creator and Return to Monkey Island executive Ron Gilbert, briefly for a while closed his blog. “It’s a twist of fate that the people who don’t want me to make the game I want to make are die-hard Monkey Island fans,” the legendary developer wrote at the time.

After the successful launch of Return to Monkey Island, the game has now received its first patch. This should fix some problems and, among other things, ensure stability on low-end computers. There are also minor bug fixes and bug fixes when using controllers.

Source: Steam