8 most dangerous prisons and colonies in video games

The topic of imprisonment is hardly unique or original within the entertainment industry. In video games, we have found ourselves behind bars many times – for some good reason, sometimes for absurd, invented charges. From some I had to run away myself, in others I had to save someone else, and still others just visited as part of missions. In general, judging by the games, in the virtual worlds, prisons are a location, passing through which the protagonist finds in himself even more strength to achieve the goal. Whether it’s overthrowing a tyrant, cleansing your name, or fighting villains.

Today, let’s take a look at the 8 most dangerous prisons we’ve ever visited in games. You can suggest your options in the comments.

# 1 Arkham (Batman Arkham Asylum)

Throughout its long history, Batman has faced and defeated many villains of various levels. Some went to regular prisons, while the most dangerous ended up in Arkham Asylum. Technically, this is not exactly a prison, especially given the number of escapes, but in fact it exists to keep the most dangerous and insane individuals under lock and key. In Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum, the asylum acts as the setting where Batman once again has to deal with his main enemies.

The architecture, level design, attention to detail make this hospital an intriguing place. Even the prisoners are clearly not so bad here – at least the company is the most motley.

# 2 The Chronicles of Riddick

Space Prison Butcher’s Cove is renowned for keeping the galaxy’s most dangerous and brutal criminals. At one time, this immersive sim left a deep mark on the gaming industry, especially considering that the image of Riddick was revived by Vin Diesel. Even today, the escape from this extremely strict space colony is fondly remembered. Either architecture, or the opportunity to stab an asshole with a homemade sharpening … or maybe an opportunity to feel like the most dangerous shark in this kind of aquarium.

Surprisingly, since then, “The Chronicles of Riddick” has not been picked up for the development of the franchise. 

# 3 Nova Prospect (Half-Life 2)

Before the invasion of combines, Nova Prospekt was a maximum security prison, but then, when the Earth was occupied by alien forces, this place turned into a nightmare. Here the harvesters not only kept people who opposed tyranny, but also carried out the process of reincarnation. This is a gentle way of saying that people were being turned into harvesters by means of implants and brainwashing. 

A scary and depressing place that could be visited not only within the campaign, but also in multiplayer mode. There were glorious times when merry battles took place among these corridors and floors, and batteries, toilets and other rubbish often became weapons of death.

# 4 Vorkuta (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

One of the darkest places on this list. This correctional colony was one of the most memorable levels in the original Black Ops, where, with the support of other prisoners and various weapons, we not only saved our own skin, but also destroyed half of the prison in the process. Have you forgotten Viktor, who was sent to this hell, allegedly for treason? 

# 5 Purgatory (Mass Effect 2)

This is not just a prison, but a whole space complex. It was once a cattle ark ship, but after it was turned into a detention center for the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. However, given the private status of the prison, the guards take liberties. For example, under the auspices of politicians, some prisoners are sold to slave traders. This fact is not even hidden and is presented as an official way of making money. The same Jack was bought completely legally. 

True, the prison did not last very long. In 2185, the prisoners freed by Shepard staged a riot and the station was blown up. We can repeat this trick in the Mass Effect remaster.  

# 6 Coldridge (Dishonored)

A gloomy and cold place in which Corvo Attano finds himself on false charges of murdering the Empress. But when a political vacuum arises, nobody cares about the presumption of innocence or a fair trial. The main thing is that there is a scapegoat who can be thrown into prison and forget about his existence. 

By the way, Viktor Antonov took part in the development of the game, he also helped create Nova Prospekt from Half-Life 2. The design of prisons is excellent for him.

# 7 Imperial Prison (TES IV: Oblivion )

One of the most famous prisons in the history of the gaming industry. This is where our adventure in Oblivion began, and many will remember the prison as a visual upgrade after Morrowind. Do you remember how you looked at the walls and the glare from the torches on the stones? 

At the beginning of the game, we do not know why we ended up behind bars. Fortunately, the fateful meeting puts the hero on the path. No one saves the world as successfully as a former prisoner with nothing to lose.

# 8 Aperture (Portal)

Technically, the underground Aperture complex isn’t a prison … because it’s even worse. Not only do we find ourselves alone, kicked by artificial intelligence, like hamsters in a cage, but in the end, the cake also turns out to be a lie!

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