7 Free Browser Tycoon Games for those Idle Moments

Tycoon games are a great way to keep yourself busy. We have picked out seven free recommendations for you to pass the time with. Browser games are very popular. This is not only because they are free, but also because their simplicity means they still offer entertaining added value. Of course, tycoon games cannot be missing from this category. Tycoon is a computer game genre that is also often called “economic simulation” or “construction game”. Here, the player is tasked with building their own zoo or amusement park, for example. These games are so popular because they are not that easy and you need the necessary tricks to run your fictional company successfully. You can test whether you can manage your fictional company successfully with the following free tycoon games. The world of free browser games is big. In our video we have picked out eight more free games that are worth a look: 8 Free Browser Games Papa's Freezeria With Papa's Freezeria you can fulfill your dream of owning your own ice cream parlor; at least virtually. You have to take the various orders from your guests, prepare the ice cream shakes and then hand them out to the right customers. But be careful not to break into a sweat with all the orders! Click here for Papa's Freezeria Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon With Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon you can try out life as a beautician. In addition to the normal sales activities, you also have to give your customers professional advice. They can have their make-up done by you or just buy your products. At the beginning you have to do everything yourself, from selling to cleaning, but little by little you can build up your own empire of beauty salons. Click here for Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon ESport Gamer Tycoon gives us a slightly more modern touch in terms of tycoons. Here you are an eSports athlete who wants to make it to the top. In addition to training, you also have to generate followers in order to get sponsorship. Do you have what it takes to be a superstar gamer? Click here for eSport Gamer Tycoon Hotel Tycoon Empire In Hotel Tycoon Empire you can run your own hotel. In order to build your big empire, you obviously have to start small. Take good care of each individual hotel guest, because that is the only way you will get enough money to hire more and more staff and offer additional services. But don't lose track of your management, because it can quickly become hectic! Click here for Hotel Tycoon Empire Idle Farm Tycoon The name Idle Farm Tycoon actually already makes it clear what it is about. You get a farm that you have to build from scratch. The animal that will be your main source of income is the chicken. Take good care of your chickens, because happy chickens lay eggs for you, which you can then sell. As you get more and more money, you can also get other animals, such as cows. Click here for Idle Farm Tycoon Used Car Dealer Tycoon As the name suggests, Used Car Dealer Tycoon is a tycoon all about used cars. As the boss of a used car company, you are tasked with selling used cars. Can you meet the needs of your customers and at the same time keep your company running smoothly? Click here for Used Car Dealer Tycoon Shopping Mall Tycoon If you've always wanted to run your own shopping center, Shopping Mall Tycoon is the right place for you. Here you can do just that. You have to decide which shops are actually worth having in your shopping center and how you can get visitors to buy from you. Click here for Shopping Mall Tycoon