5G Standalone enabled iPhone: how to check

New features and changes in iOS 16.4 include the ability for the iPhone to use T-Mobile’s offline 5G coverage in the US and with Vivo and Claro in Brazil. The new option can offer speeds as high as 3.3Gbps using carrier aggregation power. Here’s how to make sure 5G offline mode is enabled on iPhone and how to check your cellular network connection statistics.

T-Mobile officially launched its Ultra Capacity 5G SA network last November, touting speeds up to 3Gbps. However, at first, only Samsung’s flagship smartphones were able to take advantage of the latest network advancements, and T-Mobile said they would “expand to additional devices” in the near future.

Now, with iOS 16.4, we’ve seen that there’s a toggle in iPhone settings that allows you to turn on ultra-fast speeds. 5G SA should be enabled by default for T-Mobile US customers – Uncarrier is currently the only US provider with 5G SA. Claro and Vivo are also demonstrating 5G SA functionality on iPhones in Brazil. Meanwhile, this 5G variant was previously available on iPhones in other countries.

As a reminder, T-Mobile says that their Ultra Capacity 5G SA+ carrier aggregation achieves 3Gbps speeds by bundling multiple 5G mid-range channels. Also, it’s not yet clear exactly which cities have 5G SA available through T-Mobile, so you’ll just have to check that out to see.

How to make sure 5G Standalone (SA) is enabled on iPhone

Only an iPhone connected to a carrier with 5G SA will see the option available in Settings.

With iOS 16.4 running, open the Settings app. Select Cellular. Now tap Cellular Options, then Voice & Data. At the bottom, make sure the 5G Standalone switch is on.

Check 5G SA connection statistics

Once you’ve made sure 5G Standalone is enabled, you can run a speed test to see how much performance you’re getting. whether or not you receive the Standalone service. Look for SA next to connection_type. Please be aware that although T-Mobile benchmarks achieved 3.3Gbps, actual performance will vary
5G Standalone enabled iPhone 1

Are you seeing 5G SA with T-Mobile on your iPhone with iOS 16.4? What speeds are you getting? Share your experience in the comments!

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