5 reasons why the iPad 10 is Apple’s best tablet in 2023

When Apple released iPad 10th generation, only the lazy did not scold him. Admittedly, we were also among those who did not understand some of the solutions in it. I still can’t get over the fact that the iPad 10 doesn’t support the Apple Pencil 2 and you have to buy an original pencil and charge it with an adapter. But there is still more good in this device. Although Apple has the perfect, but very expensive iPad Pro in its lineup, the mid-priced but not without compromise iPad Air, I still think that the iPad 10 is the ideal one in terms of price, quality and performance.

The bright color really suits the iPad 10.


Judge for yourself: here you have a modern frameless display, and an excellent processor, and a cool color case. Everything is done so that you pay attention to it. Let’s see why the iPad 10 is best apple tablet in 2023.

What does the iPad look like

First of all, we must praise iPad 10 and Apple for design. Finally, Cupertino decided to get rid of home buttons and in their inexpensive tablet and made it frameless. Yes, there is no Face ID and a cool magnetic attachment for the Apple Pencil on the end. But is it really necessary? It seems to me that no. Touch ID in lock button works very well, but a pencil that accidentally fell off the side face can be lost forever and it will be very disappointing.

What does an iPad look like?  I am glad that there is no boring black color in the line.  Photo.

I am glad that there is no boring black color in the line.

Be sure to pay attention to the bright colors of the case. Already tired of living among gray, black and white devices. And here everything is just very funny. And I also want to note a neat single camera lens. I never understood the large number of cameras in the iPad Pro. Well, who in their right mind would take pictures on a tablet? It’s easier to take a smartphone. And easier, and often faster. Therefore, a definite plus – the iPad 10 goes for the appearance.

iPad USB-C

iPad with USB-C.  USB-C is a versatile and convenient connector.  Photo.

USB-C is a versatile and convenient connector.

Everyone was very happy that the iPad 10 received USB-C connector. But, having learned about the speed limit, they immediately began to spit on it. Do you seriously think USB-C running at a slower speed is evil? Remember when you last connect ipad to computer or something was thrown at him by wire. I tried and failed to do so. Because since 2020, when my wife gave me my iPad 7, I have not done this even once!


I can understand when users connect iPhone to computerto upload pictures and videos. Most of the time it’s just faster. But it’s a tablet. Instead of being bile, it’s better to just appreciate that the iPad 10 has a universal connector, and you can use one charge for a tablet, MacBook, Android smartphone, and in the future, iPhone 15. This is really cool and very convenient.

Screen in iPad 2022

Have you read a bunch of articles about how Apple made a terrible screen in the iPad 10 with an air gap? And I read. And then he took his old iPad 7 and looked at exactly the same display and did not understand why the hysteria. Just look at the specs:

The screen in the iPad 2022. Even the lack of an anti-glare coating will allow you to work relatively quietly on the street.  Photo.

Even the absence of an anti-reflective coating will allow you to work relatively quietly on the street.

  • Diagonal – 10.9 inches, IPS.
  • Resolution – 2360 by 1640 pixels.
  • The maximum brightness is 500 nits.
  • The pixel density is 264 dpi.

As you can see, everything is in perfect order here. You will notice pixels only if you look at it from a distance of a couple of millimeters, and all other indicators are in no way inferior to classmates. The only real downside is the lack of anti-reflective coating. But how often do you use your tablet outdoors? Here I am a couple of times on the strength. So don’t try to find a black cat in a black room. This is a great screen that will delight your eyes.

Processor in iPad 10.9

Processor in iPad 10.9.  A powerful processor and a large screen encourage gaming.  Photo.

A powerful processor and a large screen encourage gaming.

Well, in order for this whole design to work normally, Apple added to the iPad 10 A14 Bionic processor. Let me remind you that it is still installed in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 lineup. That is, the chipset has more than enough safety margin to satisfy all your needs. You are unlikely to encounter any slowdowns in the interface, slow application launch and similar unpleasant things.


Therefore, you can not worry that in a year the tablet will begin to work poorly. It will not happen. In Cupertino, they traditionally put a large stock in their processors and exploit them to their fullest. Of course it doesn’t compare to M2 to iPad Pro by the speed of launching programs, but the difference in price between these devices, of course, is huge.

How much is iPad 2022

Well, the most important thing in all this, of course, is the price. In the region of 40 thousand rubles, you can buy iPad 10 with Wi-Fi support and 64 GB of memory on board. If you do not store the entire library of TV shows and films on the tablet, then this memory should be enough. For a smartphone in 2023, this is already not enough, but for the iPad, just right. Given that the iPad 10 has become more expensive in principle, this price can be considered quite adequate.

How much does the iPad 2022 cost. You can find different accessories for the iPad 10.  Photo.

For iPad 10 you can find different accessories.

Just see what you get: productive Apple A14 processor, large high-quality screen, modern design, cool iPadOS, which is ideally tailored for large screens, and a huge selection of accessories. Therefore, if you are looking for a tablet, then pay attention to the iPad 10. You will definitely not regret your choice.

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