5 great free games for ipad

The iPhone is one of the most popular gaming devices in the world. A large number of toys in the App Store, simpler optimization thanks to a not so huge zoo of different hardware and a solvent audience do their job. Developers are primarily trying to release their titles specifically for the iPhone. At the same time, even on the biggest iPhone less comfortable to play than on a small iPad. And since games from a smartphone are also suitable for a tablet, I always advise everyone to use the iPad for these purposes.

It’s a pleasure to play on the big screen of the iPad.


Moreover, in the App Store you can easily pick up games absolutely for every taste for free. So that you do not have to spend time searching for it yourself, we dug into top of the App Store and selected especially for you five cool free ipad gamesthat will brighten up your evening.

Standoff 2 on iPad

I propose to start with a shooter, which will remind many of the good old Counter strike. The fight is led by special forces against terrorists. Before the start of each round, weapons are purchased and the battle begins. Whose team will destroy all the enemies, they won. Everything is extremely simple and clear. But before you get into a team fight, I advise you to practice a bit. Management in the game is standard for such titles, but still requires getting used to.

Standoff 2 on iPad.  Very similar to Counter Strike.  Photo.

Very similar to Counter Strike.

I decided that I am an expert and can immediately start from the battle, and I could not make a single accurate shot at first, while my character was killed in 10-15 seconds after the revival. Here, as in other similar games, you need to level up and upgrade weapons and other things. You can use real money and donations, or you can only use patience and constant play. Graphics, by the way, even on iPad 7th generation not bad.

Download ‎Standoff 2/a>

Download car parking game

Download car parking game.  Management in this game is carried out by swipes.  Photo.

Management in this game is carried out by swipes.

Well, for those who pick up something more calm and measured, which is suitable not only for adults, but also for children, I can advise you to take a closer look at Car Park 3D. The essence of the game is that you are given parking with cars. But they park in the best traditions of some real drivers: crooked, oblique and blocking the passage and aisle for others. You need to roll out all the cars from the parking lot and free it, while avoiding a collision.


And if the first levels in the game are relatively simple, then over time you will have to connect logic and think through all the moves. The only thing. what I didn’t like is the ads that you have to watch after some rounds and in a small banner at the bottom of the screen. But you don’t have to pay to download. By the way, ads can be turned off. It costs 149 rubles a week. But I think you can play like this.

Download ‎Car Parking: Traffic Jam 3D

Games for several people

Games for several people.  Each has its own control sticks, timer and score.  Photo.

Each has its own control sticks, timer and score.

Can be in Top Free App Store Games find a cool game for a company of several people. And this is not just one toy, but a whole set in one application. Here you will find a huge amount of entertainment for every taste, from football to sumo, racing and other cool mini-games. The coolest thing here is that you can play alone against the computer, or you can choose 2, 3 or even 4 players.

And for those who have even more company, you can create teams and play 3 on 3. Then you will have a whole tournament. And all this on the tablet screen. Not only will you be able to see all your loved ones, but you will also have fun. This application has one small minus: the games are not signed, and you will have to determine what you will play by the icon. I would not say that this is critical, but I would like to know everything in advance.

Download 2 3 4 Player Games

Download Helix Jump

Download Helix Jump.  If you get to the red section, the game will end.  Photo.

If you get to the red section, the game will end.

We must not forget about various cool arcade games that will easily help you kill time and brighten up the evening. I really like these apps Helix Jump game. Its essence is as follows: you need to lower the ball from the very top of the tower to the finish line, turning it so that the ball falls down. At the same time, there are special sections on each floor, if you hit them, the game will be stopped and you will have to start over.


And in order to earn as many points as possible, you need to try not to touch the ball at all on any floor and pass it through all the voids at once. It seems that all this is very simple to do, but in practice it is not. And due to this, such an elementary game can easily drag on for a very long time. Even if there were less advertising, and there would be no price for it.

Download Helix Jump

Uno card game

Uno card game.  The interface is well thought out and drawn.  Photo.

The interface is well thought out and drawn.

Well, as a conclusion to today’s selection, I recommend that you download Uno card game. Everything in it is tied to the colors and numbers on the cards. All players follow each other. The main goal is to fold cards faster than your opponents. To get rid of a card, you must place on the table the same color or number as the previous player. Along the way, various bonuses can come across, with which you can change the direction of the game or choose the color of the card yourself.

You can get stuck in this toy for several hours. Moreover, you should not go deep into the rules or strain yourself that you can forget something. She’s really simple. By the way, if you play with a group, everyone can install an application for themselves and create a game room just for you. This is even a more successful undertaking than fiddling with cards. The tablet will do all the work for you.

Download UNO