5 Features You Should Try First After Installing iOS 17

Photo: MacRumors

Apple has released the long-awaited firmware for compatible iPhones. It will allow you to refresh the feeling of using your smartphone without even buying a new one.

We talked about all the innovations of iOS 17 here, and about how to properly update to it in Russia – here.

But what if you have already installed iOS 17 and are confused where to look for new features? Here’s a list of what to try first.

Standby mode

iOS 17

We previously talked about it in detail here. In short: the new mode displays useful information while the iPhone is charging. It doesn’t matter whether you use wired, wireless charging or MagSafe – the feature works in any case.

To try “standby mode”, simply connect your iPhone to a charger and flip it to landscape mode. Widgets can be customized: swipe through the screens and choose what you like best, or hold your finger on the widget to change it.

Interactive widgets

iOS 17
Photo: Apple

In iOS 17, desktop widgets have become interactive. This means you can interact with them without opening the app.

It will take time for third-party developers to refine their utilities and add interactivity. In the meantime, you can try native widgets: add a Reminders, Photos, or Timer widget to your homescreen.

Contact poster

iOS 17

Another way to create a new experience on your old iPhone is to customize a contact card by turning it into a poster. Open “Contacts”, select “My card” → “Edit”.

Safari Profiles

Photo: Guiding Tech

Now Apple’s native browser allows you to separate work, entertainment, personal and family matters, and so on. To do this you need to create a profile.

Open Settings → Safari and tap New Profile. For the profile, you can choose a name, icon and color design. You can learn more about the intricacies of setting up profiles here.

Share passwords

iOS 17

iOS 17 finally offers an easy and secure way to share your Keychain passwords with family, colleagues, or friends. It happens that you share some accounts with other people, or you temporarily need to provide access to a colleague – in these situations, a new feature will be very useful.

To securely share passwords, go to Settings → Passwords and tap + → New Shared Group. Follow the system prompts and select the accounts you want to share. This function is described in more detail here.

What innovations in iOS 17 appealed to you the most? Share in the comments.