5 Best war games based in the United States

Against the background of the events that took place yesterday in the US capital, the question arose, which video games represented more or less modern military operations in the country? It turns out that there are not so many such projects, at least not counting aliens from Mars and outright science fiction.

Judging by the search results, the developers are not very fond of making games in which the United States is represented not by the liberator, but as a victim. 

# 1 Homefront

The most obvious example that comes to mind about the war in the United States is two games from the Homefront series. The games take place in an alternate universe where North Korea used military force to occupy the United States.

This scenario sounds pretty absurd, but in this world, North Korea is represented by a truly powerful power with technological superiority. In Homefront: The Revolution, the events of which are completely unrelated to the original, the United States cannot pay its debts for military equipment, so the Korean company remotely deactivates its equipment, taking the United States hostage until the country pays its debts. 

As a result, an underground resistance is being born against the occupation forces, even if the authorities themselves agreed to the presence of the Korean military in the United States.

None of the Homefront games have caused particular enthusiasm among gamers, although the rating for the first part is higher than that of The Revolution.

# 2 Call of Duty

In the games of the Call of Duty series, we have repeatedly seen military events in the United States. Naturally, the most memorable are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts – in the first, Washington is defended from a Russian invasion. Quite an absurd scenario that looks more like propaganda from the current perspective. And if you draw parallels with the events of January 6, 2021, it sounds like a surreal joke. 

In Ghosts, the story takes on a post-apocalyptic nature as the southwestern United States is bombarded in orbit, leading to the catastrophic destruction of San Diego. Over the next ten years, the conflict between the United States and the American Federation continued. True, the conflict never made it to Washington, concentrating on the southern border of the United States.

If you choose between these two parts, Modern Warfare 2 is much better, because Ghosts turned out to be rather weak, and the user rating did not get out of the red zone at all.

# 3 The Division

Perhaps, of all the games on the list, The Division series comes closest to what is happening now in the United States. The essence and reasons are radically different, but a fragmented society, armed people on the streets, and the seizure of state buildings show what can happen if militarized groups get out of control and begin to establish their own order. On the other hand, in the United States, there is already a record number of cases and deaths from coronavirus, so if society really starts to fall, then this will happen without the drama that is presented in The Division.

I wonder if Ubisoft releases The Division 3, will the developers take as a basis everything that happened over the past year in the United States of America? In general, it will be interesting to see how 2020-2021 will affect the gaming industry in the long term? Will there be projects about modern civil war?

# 4 Fallout

On the one hand, Fallout sounds strange in this collection, too fantastic post-apocalyptic scenario. On the other hand, after all, the setting of the Wasteland can be regarded as a metaphor for an amorphous society that is fighting against itself. And the factions here are interesting, from the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel to the Institute and the Railroad. Moreover, in Fallout 3, events unfold in the destroyed Washington DC. If you wish, you can even climb into the Capitol building.

Considering that Fallout 5 will not be released very soon, the developers will definitely have time to come up with references to various events in the United States. True, there was already a virus in the Wasteland. Revolutionary movements too. The topic of racism was also raised. In general, it will be interesting to see how bold options Bethesda can offer as part of Microsoft. 

# 5 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Here the action is not developing entirely in our time, but given the images presented and the Nazi-occupied territory of the United States, it is difficult to imagine a better parallel with modern events. Especially the inserts about Blaskowitz’s father and how American society became the bedrock of fascism. However, the actions of BJ and his comrades were able to put an end to the fascist occupation. According to history, hundreds of groups arose to oppose the Nazi regime, and the killing of 16 commanders helped to break the chain of command. 

All this is somewhat ironic against the background of real events in America, where a cult of personality has formed and millions of people are on the side of extremists, racists and modern Nazis, and some politicians, for some crazy reason, note that Hitler was “somewhat right”.

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