45 percent: Celebrated role-playing hit at a bargain price

The multi-award-winning role-playing game “Sea of ​​Stars” is available particularly cheaply for a short time. However, bargain hunters shouldn't take too much time.

If you've always wanted to play the role-playing game “Sea of ​​Stars” To buy it, you definitely have to plan a visit to the official PlayStation Store these days. The RPG hit from developer Sabotage Studio is currently available there at a bargain price.


How good is Sea of ​​Stars actually?

“Sea of ​​Stars” originally came onto the market in August 2023 for the PC and consoles and has lost little of its fascination since then. The focus of the action are the two friends Valere and Zale, who have been trained to use the power of both the moon and the sun.

You experience numerous adventures, have to take part in turn-based battles and explore an imaginatively designed world. Their big goal: to finally put an end to an alchemist named Fleshmancer.

“Sea of ​​Stars” was extremely well received by both fans and the trade press when it was released. This is shown not least by a glance the website of the review aggregator Metacritic.com The role-playing game from Sabotage Studio received an impressive rating of 87 percent.

The gaming community “only” awards 8.0 out of a maximum of ten points, but this is also at a high level. The RPG highlight also won numerous awards. Now it's available as an absolute bargain.


This is how cheap Sea of ​​Stars is currently to buy

As part of a big sale campaign in the official PlayStation Store The price for “Sea of ​​Stars” is significantly reduced. There is currently a discount of 35 percent. This means that the role-playing highlight only costs 22.74 instead of 34.99 euros.

It is the current best price in the PlayStation Store, with one exception: PS Plus membership members save even more. Here Sony adds an additional ten percent to the discount, so that in the end you save 45 percent and only pay 19.24 euros.

At least from the extra level onwards, subscribers can put their money away. Because you can access the title from Sabotage Studio at no additional cost. The discount is therefore particularly interesting for Essential customers.

However, bargain hunters shouldn't take too much time because the current promotion is limited in time. According to current plans, it will run until May 30, 2024 at 12:59 a.m. German time. The discount will then disappear and the normal selling price will be due again.

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