4 Interesting Roulette Facts You Need to Know

The game of Roulette was first introduced to the casino gaming world in the 18th century. Centuries later, Roulette is still a popular choice for hundreds of thousands of casino players across the globe.

Just like its exciting nature, there are several interesting things about the game of Roulette. Here are some of the most interesting facts you need to know about this casino classic.

Roulette originated in France

There are numerous theories surrounding the origins of Roulette. But the earliest records suggest that the game of Roulette first appeared in France in the late 1600s. This was the time when French mathematician Blaise Pascal was trying to create a perpetual motion machine. As a refresher, a perpetual motion machine is one that keeps running forever without drawing any external power.

While Pascal failed in his experiment to create such a machine, it led to the development of one of the most popular casino games of all time. Back then, the Roulette wheel featured 36 numbers and two zero slots that were also coloured red and black. But in the 1800s, the zero slots were coloured green to avoid confusion.

The Roulette wheel numbers add up to 666

The game of Roulette goes by numerous names in different parts of the world. But one the most popular nicknames for Roulette is the “devil’s game”. This is because the numbers on the Roulette wheel add up to 666. And the number 666 is also referred to as the devil’s number.

As you’d be knowing, both land-based and Roulette Online games are based on the element of luck. So, if players experience a losing streak, most of them say, “The devil is in action mode and will take all your money.”

The wheel and the ball spin in opposite directions

If you’re someone who’s just getting started with Roulette, it’s worth noting that the Roulette ball and wheel spin in opposite directions. This means that if the dealer spins the wheel in the left direction, the small white ball will spin in the right direction. And this is applicable to every physical casino across the globe.

In fact, some gambling venues have a rule that the wheel and the ball always spin in the opposite direction. This increases the randomness of where the ball will come to a stop and also helps in keeping the gaming action fair.

Roulette chips are different from other casino games

When playing Roulette games at a land-based table, every player is given a different coloured chip. The prime motive behind this is to avoid confusion as to which chips belong to whom. The Roulette chips are exclusive to a single player and can’t be shared even between friends.

This helps in maintaining order at the Roulette table, when players are fully immersed into the Roulette gaming action. Also, having different coloured chips helps the croupier in keeping track of the exact amount wagered by every player at the Roulette table.