343 Industries: an unannounced project is under development internally | Xbox One

Once considered Xbox’s flagship license, Halo has since lost its reputation, notably due to Halo Infinite’s disappointing campaign and multiplayer lacking content in its early days. Today, the title has finally lifted its head above water, but players are starting to wonder what 343 Industries is preparing for the future.

An unannounced game would be well developed internally at 343 Industries

At the start of the year, the studio was affected by layoffs, mainly impacting the teams dedicated to solo. Following this, rumors suggested that the studio could delegate the development of Halo games to other studios, while still overseeing the projects. This information should obviously be taken with a grain of salt! 343 Industries subsequently claimed to continue developing games, without denying the part concerning supervision.


More recently, job offers have suggested the development of at least one new title within the studio. In fact, they invited future hires to join 343 Industries to “build the new generation of games and experiences in [leur] award-winning science fiction universe.

Today, the LinkedIn profile of an employee of the studio confirms that 343 Industries is indeed working internally on an unannounced project. Unfortunately, there is nothing to draw the slightest conclusion from.

Was responsible for the KPI roadmap for an unannounced internal project.

Remember that Tatanka, which would be a Battle Royale, is currently outsourced within Certain Aflinity and would be developed under Unreal Engine according to rumors.

The LinkedIn profile also confirms that Halo Infinite reached more than 30 million unique users in January 2023. Since then, it is likely that this figure has continued to rise.


Driven post-launch responsiveness through cross-disciplinary collaboration on data-driven feature prioritization to adjust the roadmap and build incremental successes that executives cared about and could believe in for a product which has gained over 30 million unique users.

What is certain is that the future of the license has never been so vague. Several clues also seem to point towards the abandonment of the Slipspace Engine for Unreal Engine 5, which would be a big admission of failure for the engine having been oversold since the announcement of Halo Infinite in 2018.

While waiting to learn more, Halo Infinite continues to be actively supported and has just welcomed its fifth season. Soon, the long-awaited baptism of fire will make its debut in the title.