3 ships that you can find for free

You can get some spaceships in Starfield completely free of charge and you don’t even have to pay the registration costs. We’ll show you three of them.

The ship is your daily companion in Starfield. It is the transporter of your valuable loot, your home and equally yours Sword and Shield” in space battles. But the versatility of a ship also costs you a few credits.

We will therefore show you 5 ships in Starfield that you can get for free.


Spoiler warning: Since we show you ships here that you can only get by completing certain quests, you will encounter spoilers as you read.


What kind of ship is this? The Wonderwell Ship is a small ship that is more interesting for collectors. It does not offer strong armament, a good reactor, much cargo capacity or space for crew members. Roughly speaking, the Wonderwell is small and can’t do anything.

But: It’s a free ship and you can basically delete all the components and then build your own ship on the Wonderwell’s site for a lot of money.

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How do you get the ship? When creating your character you can choose the trait Select “Children’s Stuff”. The feature ensures that you have living parents to whom you transfer 2% of your credits every in-game week.

Well, your father is into gambling and gambling away your credits. But when you visit him, at some point he tells you that he won a poker game and won a ship: the Wonderwell, which he then gives to you as a gift.


What kind of ship is this? The Razorleaf is a small ship that can accommodate just two people and features solid armament and cargo bay shields to hide your contraband from law enforcement scanners.

How do you get the ship? You can get the Razorleaf by completing a side quest called Mantis”, which you get if you find a note on defeated spacers that tells you the location of a “secret outpost”.

The note can be found during the introductory quest in the “Nova Galatic Shipyard” and sends you to the planet “Denebola Ib”.

In the Mantis outpost, however, you have to be prepared for fights against spacers and robots.

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Star Eagle

What kind of ship is this? The Star Eagle is the service ship of the Freestar Rangers, the law enforcers of the Freestar Collective.

The Star Eagle is one of the best ships you can find in Starfield. It has powerful armament ideal for hijacking enemy ships, good defensive shield and hull stats, and 2,500 cargo capacity.

The Star Eagle also offers space for 5 crew members and even has its own cell in which you can lock up criminals or cloned children.

How do you get the ship? You can get the Star Eagle for free by completing the “Freestar Ranger” faction questline if you are promoted to a full ranger – previously you are just a deputy.

On top of that, you get some weapons, a ranger star, a ranger uniform and a matching spacesuit.

There are other ships in Starfield that you can get for free. In addition, there is always the possibility of hijacking an enemy ship and then simply covering the registration costs. If you don’t know how to capture foreign ships, you can find out here:


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