3 cult free games arrive today

Nintendo Switch Online is now hosting 3 cult Mario games. Unmissable titles that arrive in their Game Boy Advance version, but not for all subscribers.

Faced with the Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo could not sit idly by. In September 2018, the Japanese firm launched Nintendo Switch Online on its hybrid console. The service, which makes online gaming paid when it was free until now, offers a wide selection of retro games, from the NES to the Super Nintendo via the Game Boy. A different proposal from that of the Xbox Game Pass, which focuses above all on the nostalgia of the players. Despite everything, Nintendo’s strategy seems to be paying off. The Japanese firm continues to regularly add new retro games to its Nintendo Switch Online catalog. At the end of May, these are three cult games from the famous license mario who arrive on the service.

Three Mario games released on GBA are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

From today, subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack will be able to (re)discover three legendary Mario games. Super Mario Advance 1, 2 And 3 land in the service catalog. As their name suggests, these are remastered versions on GBA of the games originally released on SNES. It should be noted that they provide significant graphic and sound improvements.

“All games in the Super Mario Advance series are now available on Nintendo Switch! These Game Boy Advance classics are accessible via a Nintendo Switch Online subscription + Additional Pack”, enthusiastically announces the Japanese giant on its social networks.

Mario fans satisfied with Nintendo’s service

Lovers of the Mario series who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack have no shortage of games to get their teeth into. Super Mario Advance 1, 2 And 3 join titles like Super Mario Bros. Or Super Mario 64. An opportunity both for fans of the saga and for those who want to discover its origin. Other legendary Nintendo licenses are well represented in the service’s catalog. Games Metroid And Zelda, available in number, can occupy you a good bundle of hours. And yes, no need to own Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to have fun with Link. Where the bat hurts is that subscribers to the classic formula are still left on the sidelines. Lately, Big N has favored those who are willing to spend more. The classic offer hasn’t had any news for some time now.