2 Lovecraft-style horror games are Free on Steam

lovecraft steam sale

The distribution of a new set of free games has started on Steam. Today we bring to your attention two indie projects of different directions.

  • One Night 2: The Beyond:

One Night 2: The Beyond is a Lovecraft-style horror adventure game. You must uncover the terrible secrets of the building, which was possessed by an ancient evil, in order to move. The game features two players, multiple endings, puzzles, and numerous traps, among other things. The project is an updated version of one that was released in 2015.

Steam page.

  • A Pinch of Magic :

A Pinch of Magic is an anime visual novel with a rather deep storyline.

You will play as a young witch who must save her family’s magic shop from bankruptcy in a world where magic is forbidden.


Steam page.

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