11 Euro Accessories that Improve the Nintendo Console

It’s an open secret: the Nintendo Switch’s WiFi is rubbish. Connection problems, slow downloads – every owner of the Nintendo console has probably already experienced this. At least the dock of the OLED model has a LAN port that eliminates this problem – but the normal Switch dock lacks this. But there is a solution: a simple 11 euro gadget from Amazon.

LAN instead of WLAN: USB adapter for the switch

Everyone knows the problem: You’re playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online with your friends, you’re on the home stretch of the last race and suddenly a simple message pops up: “Data transfer error”.


Well, thank you very much too Nintendo! But Mario Kart isn’t the only game that suffers from this problem. Actually is The Nintendo Switch’s internet connection is generally unstable and often very slow – especially when downloading from the eShop.

The culprit is quickly found: The Wi-Fi on the Nintendo Switch is simply too bad. That’s exactly why Nintendo has given the dock of the OLED version a permanently installed LAN port.

But do all owners of the normal version now also have to buy the expensive OLED dock in order to have a stable internet connection? Luckily not.

You can get one via Amazon for 11 euros USB LAN adapter Buy (look at Amazon) which performs exactly this function. Simply connect the adapter to one of the USB ports on the Nintendo Switch dock, push the LAN plug on your router into the corresponding LAN socket and your internet connection should be much more stable.


Looking for more practical accessories for your Switch? We have a few tips for you:

A better USB LAN adapter is not worth it

If you’re wondering why we recommend a USB 2.0 adapter even though the Nintendo Switch does too a USB 3.0 port owns: The more expensive version is simply not worth it.

To date, Nintendo has not delivered an update that unlocks the full speed of the USB 3.0 port. All connected devices must be satisfied with USB 2.0 speeds.

Nintendo can still tweak a few Switch adjustment screws:

This means that even a USB 3.0 LAN adapter on the switch does not achieve better transfer rates. If Nintendo ever addresses this issue, we’ll let you know.