1. “3 Compelling Docuseries to Stream After Watching Raël: The Prophet of Extraterrestrials on Netflix” 2. “Top 3 Docuseries to Watch Following Raël: The Prophet of Extraterrestrials on Netflix” 3. “After Raël: The Prophet of Extraterrestrials on Netflix, Check Out These 3 Must-See Docuseries”

As Rael: The Prophet of Extraterrestrialsthese three other Netflix documentary series examine the anatomy of particularly high-profile scandals.

The success was predictable: Rael: The Prophet of Extraterrestrials is currently the most watched series on Netflix. These 4 episodes of around forty minutes retrace the origins and media coverage of the Raelian movement. This sect, created by Claude Vorilhon known as Raël, notably promised immortality through human cloning. The guru claimed to draw his knowledge from an encounter with extraterrestrials, the “Elohim”.


After this journalistic work carried out by Antoine Baldassari and Manuel Guillon, using interviews and archive images, what other recent documentary series should we watch on Netflix? Here are three, released last year on the streaming platform.

The Bettencourt affair

This is one of the biggest French media controversies. The Bettencourt Affair examines a scandal from the 2000s: the conflict between the richest woman in the world, the largest shareholder of L'Oréal, Liliane Bettencourt, and her daughter. A case also involving French political figures. This investigation, carried out by Baptiste Etchegaray and Maxime Bonnet, traces this political-financial scandal and its twists and turns, such as clandestine recordings, on which the documentary series is based. In 3 episodes of approximately 50 minutes.

The Bettencourt Affair, Netflix docu-series. // Source: Netflix

The Kidnapped Truth: From Dream to American Nightmare

The Kidnapped Truth: From Dream to American Nightmare is based on a chilling true story. In the United States, in 2015, the couple formed by Denise and Aaron suffered a violent burglary, during which Denise disappeared. Aaron reports his disappearance the next day, so he is quickly suspected, especially since a ransom is demanded. Then Denise reappears, alive, but traumatized by her kidnapping. It is then the couple who are suspected… of having simulated the attack and the kidnapping. The police are investigating, the media too. A nightmare begins for the couple, the documentary series lives up to its title.

Documentary The Kidnapped Truth: From Dream to American Nightmare. // Source: NetflixDocumentary The Kidnapped Truth: From Dream to American Nightmare. // Source: Netflix

MH370 the missing plane

2014. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 takes off for Beijing, but quickly disappears from radar. In fact, it is also the 297 passengers on board who disappear… with the birth of numerous theories on the reasons for this mystery. MH370 the missing plane focuses, in three episodes, on this extraordinary investigation.


MH370 the missing plane // Source: NetflixMH370 the missing plane // Source: Netflix
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Documentary on Raël on Netflix. // Source: NetflixDocumentary on Raël on Netflix. // Source: Netflix